We provide, develop and link up mobility for Berlin.


Our goal is clear: we want to become the top mobility provider in Berlin. 

Jelbi takes mobility beyond the usual conventions of public transport, making sharing services and public transport available for Berlin from a single source for the first time. 

And you can access it all in one app.

Jelbi - Phone

The Jelbi App

The app links together various mobility services –

from planning journeys to booking tickets to payment. 

All in one single app.

Jelbi - Phone

The Jelbi Stations

Our first two Jelbi stations -  at Prinzenstraße underground station in Kreuzberg and at S+U Schönhauser Allee in Prenzlauer Berg.

Jelbi stations offers more mobility than ever before. The plan is to roll out the Jelbi concept across Berlin.

At the stations, you can use the Jelbi app to book a form of transport, use it and combine it with other types as desired.

In other words, Jelbi stations are the analogue cousin to the digital Jelbi app.

Jelbi station U Prinzenstraße underground station, Gitschiner Straße 64.

Have a look and try it now

Jelbi station S+U Schönhauser Allee, Greifenhagener Straße 20.

Jelbi - U Prinzenstraße

Jelbi Mobility Services

Our Jelbi stations and the Jelbi app give you more mobility options than you’ve ever had before:

Use flexible car sharing with Miles - within the S-Bahn circle line and go as far as Weißensee, Steglitz, Schmargendorf, Westend and Reinickendorf. You can drop off the vehicle wherever you find a parking space within the dedicated area.

A stationary car sharing service featuring electric cars, hybrid vehicles and transporter vans is available from DB Flinkster* and mobileeee*. With this service, the vehicle has to be returned to the same rental station.

Oply* offers neighbourhood car sharing, which allows vehicles to be used and dropped off within a specific district.

Deezer nextbike provides flexible bike sharing anywhere within the S-Bahn circle line and at other selected stations.

Emmy is a flexible scooter sharing service that allows you to travel by e-scooter anywhere within the S-Bahn circle line and to an ever-growing list of residential districts beyond that.

Coming soon in the Jelbi app: Ridesharing is available in the form of BerlKönig*, which offers vans that cover everywhere within the S-Bahn circle line. You can catch a BerlKönig van from any Jelbi station within the dedicated area.

Coming soon in the Jelbi app: Taxi Berlin* lets you take a taxi with your own driver from door to door, anywhere in Berlin.

* you cannot book these vehicles via the Jelbi-App yet.

Soon in the Jelbi App: In a few weeks you can ride through Berlin with e-kickscooters. You can book Tier* scooters via Jelbi soon and even recharge them at our Jelbi station S+U Schönhauser Allee.

Jelbi is growing: the range of services and selection 

will continue to be expanded.

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