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The Jelbi mobility partners.

Our Jelbi stations and the Jelbi app give you access to more ways to get around than ever before. Jelbi is growing – what you can do with it is steadily increasing.
Here is an up-to-date list of all our mobility partners.

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Public transport

Bus, train, tram and more.


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Electric kick scooter sharing

You can now speed around Berlin on a kick scooter. You can book TIER and Voi kick scooters in the Jelbi app, and even charge them up at our Jelbi station at Schönhauser Allee S-Bahn and subway station.

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Bike sharing

Deezer nextbike offers flexible bike sharing within the S-Bahn ring and at selected stations outside the central area.

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Scooter sharing

Flexible scooter sharing from emmy can be used within the S-Bahn ring and in growing numbers of residential areas outside.

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Car sharing

MILES offers flexible car sharing within the S-Bahn ring and as far as Weißensee, Steglitz, Schmargendorf, Westend, and Reinickendorf. You can drop off the car at any parking space within the area boundary.


Stationary car sharing is available from DB Flinkster* and Mobileee*, with electric cars, hybrid vehicles, and vans. These vehicles, however, must be returned to wherever you hire them from.


Oply* offers neighbourhood car sharing. Vehicles can be hired and returned within a limited area.

*These vehicles cannot yet be booked from within the Jelbi app, but are available on Jelbi Stations.

              DB Flinkster              Mobileeee              Cambio              Greenwheels

          DB Flinkster          Mobileeee          Cambio          Greenwheels

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Now available in the Jelbi app: ridesharing with BerlKönig. This is a way to share a ride on a small bus within the S-Bahn ring.

The BerlKönig will pick you up at Jelbi stations within the area boundary.


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