We are BVG Jelbi

( in the background you can see the S+U train network of Berlin. It zooms in on a stop and the image changes to a Jelbi point on Friedrichstraße. E-scooters and e-mopeds can be seen )

Thanks to Jelbi, your preferred mode of transport is at the tip of your fingers.

( the icons of the different mobility types appear one after the other at the bottom of the video.  A male person walks towards the e-scooters and scans the QR code of a vehicle with his smartphone )

Jelbi enables more people to reduce private car ownership.

( the focus shifts to a Voi e-scooter on which the male person is riding along the car-free Friedrichstraße. Then the S+U train network of Berlin is faded in again. The icon of an e-scooter moves on the map. Position markers for Jelbi stations pop up on the map )

Jelbi helps shared mobility grow beyond the S-Bahnring.

( now we see a slightly older couple at a Jelbi station. The male person from the previous scene joins them and explains Jelbi while standing next to a poster at the station. The older male person scans a QR code on the poster with his smartphone )

Jelbi gives you access to more mobility from one single app.

( the three people move towards the bikesharing bikes. The older male person scans the QR code of the bike with the smartphone to unlock it. The pair rides away on the bikes. The man raises a hand and signals a thumbs-up sign. The S+U train network appears again, with two bike icons moving northeast on it. We zoom in on another stop and the image changes to a male person in a suit leaving an office building )

Jelbi gets you from a meeting to your workplace – without traffic jams during rush hour.

Coming soon: a Jelbi mobility budget for companies and residential neighbourhoods.

( the man scans the QR code on an e-scooter with his smartphone and drives off. He parks the e-scooter at the Spittelmarkt subway station and walks down the stairs to the subway )

Jelbi improves the connection between shared mobility and public transport.

( the S+U subway line network appears again, on it the subway symbol moves to the northeast. We zoom in on another stop and the image changes to a scene at a Jelbi station. Here, several people are gathered and talking )

Thanks to Jelbi, Berlin is making further progress with its mobility transition, its environmental and climate goals.

( four people pose for a photo on e-scooters and bikesharing bikes. The S+U train network appears again in the background. The position markers of all Jelbi stations are displayed on the map. Then we zoom into the map again )

Jelbi will be building more and more mobility hubs in Berlin – soon there will be 20 locations.

( the scene changes to a young, female person talking on her smartphone )

Jelbi allows for more open space - in line with the motto "parks instead of parking spaces".

( the female person walks to a bikesharing bike and scans the QR code of the bike with her smartphone to unlock it. She rides off. The S+U train line network appears on it the bike icon moves to the northeast.  Then the map zooms in again and the camera pans to various car sharing cars at a Jelbi station. The female person arrives at the station on her bicycle )

Jelbi promotes micromobility and creates a regulatory framework.

( pan to a red e-moped. In its mirror, you can see a second female person taking off the moped helmet and waving to greet the first person. The two people leave the station and walk to the street, where a BerlKönig van is just approaching )

Jelbi offers more mobility for employees, customers and tenants.

( a male person gets out of the BerlKönig van. Everyone greets each other and continues walking together )

Thanks to Jelbi, Berlin becomes more livable.

Jelbi – that’s all of us. 

Thank you to our Jelbi mobility partners, our Jelbi location partners, and our Jelbi service partners.

( a logo appears that says "We are BVG Jelbi". In the background we see the Jelbi pattern. The logo slides to the left side. A white heart appears on the right, with the logos of all Jelbi partners in grayscale. The heart pulses once. After that, all partner logos are shown in their respective colors. Below the heart is a "Powered by Trafi" logo. The graphics disappear and only the "We are BVG Jelbi" logo is visible )

The Jelbi mobility partners.

Our Jelbi stations and the Jelbi app give you access to more ways to get around than ever before. Jelbi is growing – what you can do with it is steadily increasing.
Here is an up-to-date list of all our mobility partners.

public transport icon

Public transport

Bus, train, tram and more.

Public transport logos

e-scooter icon

E-scooter sharing

You can now speed around Berlin on an e-scooter. You can book TIER, Voi and Lime e-scooters in the Jelbi app, and even charge them up at our Jelbi station at Schönhauser Allee S-Bahn and subway station.


Lime Logo           Voi Logo           TIER Logo

bikesharing icon

Bike sharing

nextbike offers flexible bike sharing within the S-Bahn ring and at selected stations outside the central area.

Lime Logo Nextbike logo

e-moped icon

E-moped sharing

Flexible e-moped sharing from emmy and TIER can be used within the S-Bahn ring and in growing numbers of residential areas outside.

Emmy logo TIER logo

car icon

Car sharing

MILES offers flexible car sharing within the S-Bahn ring and as far as Weißensee, Steglitz, Westend, Reinickendorf and Potsdam. You can drop off the car at any parking space within the area boundary.

Stationary car sharing is available from mobileeee, Cambio*, DB Flinkster* and Greenwheels*, with electric cars, hybrid vehicles, and vans. These vehicles, however, must be returned to wherever you hire them from.

*These vehicles cannot yet be booked from within the Jelbi app, but are available on Jelbi Stations.

Miles logo              Mobileeee logo               DB Flinkster logo              Cambio logo              Greenwheels logo

Miles          Mobileeee          DB Flinkster          Cambio          Greenwheels

ridesharing icon


Now available in the Jelbi app: ridesharing with BerlKönig. This is a way to share a ride on a small bus within the S-Bahn ring.

The BerlKönig will pick you up at Jelbi stations within the area boundary.

BerlKönig logo

taxi icon


Now available in the Jelbi app: taxi services. Taxi Berlin will take you wherever you need to go, whenever you need to.

Taxi Berlin logo